Our Mission, Goal, and Objective

Our History

Our History

The Los Cabos brand has a colorful history, rooted in our family business and dedication to quality food and nutrition. In 1957, two Southern California families, our grandparents Al and Margaret Pizzola and our parents, Don and AJ Southard, launched a partnership called Margaret’s Commissary. The new partnership provided quality sandwiches, pizzas and burritos to convenience stores and neighborhood bars throughout Southern California. Consumers loved our products and the business thrived, by the 1970’s Margaret’s Commissary became M.C.I. Foods, Inc. M.C.I. made inroads into the retail segment and soon became the number one brand throughout the west. Shortly thereafter M.C.I. decided to sell its retail distribution to a competitor. Mr. Don Southard, semi-retired, turned the company over to his two sons, Dan & John. The company launched a new brand line called Los Cabos and directed all marketing efforts into Schools Food Service. The Los Cabos line of products continues the original philosophy of quality that the founding partners believed in. The Cabo Classics line of upscale Mexican Foods was added in the mid 1990’s representing the highest quality ingredients available to produce center-of-the-plate products. In the year 2001, Cabo Primo was added to the family of products to fill the sales demand for upscale, ala carte products for schools. More recently in 2017 the Cabo Real brand was designed for the scratch cook look to offer products that are minimally processed.

Our Mission

Our Mission:To provide healthy and delicious products at a fair price to consumers across the United States.

Our Goal: To provide prompt friendly service to all Customers and Distributors.

Our Objective: To grow our company while providing the best working conditions and salaries possible, maintaining a highly qualified sales and operational staff with a proactive attitude towards quality and food safety. We ask you to try our products and compare. See the Difference Taste Our Success™

M.C.I. Foods, Inc. started processing USDA Donated Foods in 1977. The Los Cabos, Cabo Classics, Cabo Primo and Cabo Real line of products are now sold in schools nationwide. These brand names are now registered trademarks owned by M.C.I. Foods, Inc.

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National Sales Team

Vice President Sales & Marketing
Chris Hakmiller
Email: chris@mcifoods.com
Office: 972-529-3506
Fax: 972-547-0379
Cell: 214-927-6297

 Business Development Leader
Dan Southard
Email: dan@mcifoods.com
Office: 562-977-4000 x306
Fax: 562-977-4099

Northwest-Midwest Regional Sales Manager
Steve Turner
Email: sturner@mcifoods.com
Cell: 952-250-6525
Fax: 651-340-8612

Northeast- Southeast Regional Sales Manager
Diane Martin
Email: dmartin@mcifoods.com
Cell: 863-640-3622
Fax: 813-441-8500


While each of our manufacturing locations embodies their own unique attributes, they are all bound together by our commitment to great service, and above all our enjoyment of good food. For all general inquiries or sales related concerns please fill out the form and someone will be in touch soon.